Taw Al Madina Facilities Services LLC is committed to protecting & safeguarding all the assets of an organization, be it people, physical assets or information. We have specialized teams for providing an array of services. Manned Guarding: We have courteous and professional security personnel who are trained to meet the specific requirements of clients. Our background-checked, uniformed security officers can protect against/ deter crimes on sites and be the first responder during any emergencies.

Fire & Safety: We offer technological solutions to manage alarms, automate responses, and view notifications in real-time on mobile devices, allowing for remote management of critical incidents and emergency response. In addition, our security personnel are trained to respond quickly during fire emergencies.

Range of Services:

Static Guarding

Mobile Patrolling

Screening and Searching Dues

Security Surveillance & Monitoring

Incident Reporting

VIP Protection

Safety Management & Inspection

Evacuation Services